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    Comments: Circa 2005 Dr. Black performed surgery on my broken (broken not fractured) clavicle when I was ~13 years of age. The surgery was successful and it's as though I'd never broken the bone. I have full range of motion and if the scar wasn't present you'd have no idea I ever had an issue with the bone. I'm extremely grateful for his effort as well as the team that was in the OR when the surgery occured. Luckily, it was the only serious injury I experienced in the pediatric range but had it been different and I needed some other intervention I would not have hesitated to go to Dr. Black once again. I'm ever thankful to him, his expertise, and his training for getting me back to 100%. I couldn't express or grasp how grateful I was at the time being 13, however, I wanted to leave a review a decade down the line after realizing how fantastic of a surgeon he is. Sincerely, thank you Dr. Black.