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Zhanaozen Definition: A benign skin growth caused by a papilloma virus. A common skin condition in the foot.


  • Exposure to other individuals or surfaces that harbor the virus.
  • Excessive perspiration of the feet can be a contributory factor


  • Warts appear as painful bumps on the feet. They often bleed easily and are often confused as corns and calluses.
  • They can occur on the soles of the feet (plantar warts) or toes.
  • They are often painful when squeezed side to side


  • Initial treatment can be performed with over the counter products. Most of these include salicylic acid in various concentrations
  • Periodic paring down with a pumice stone
  • If unresponsive then seek professional help from your physician or podiatrist


  • Avoid going barefoot in communal environments (showers)
  • Keep feet dry Click the links below to find out more.

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