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Bunion Deformity

Marg‘ilon Definition: A bunion is a complex deformity of the great toe joint resulting in a progressive dislocation. There is a progressive deformity of the foot with the metatarsal bone protruding and the large toe moving in the opposite direction.


  • Hereditary factors
  • Women are more prone than men
  • Flat footedness
  • Tight fitting shoes


  • Persistent pain, irritation, redness and blister formation over the prominent toe.
  • Difficulty finding comfortable shoes
  • Often associated with other deformities including hammertoes


  • Wider shoes to accommodate for the deformity
  • Softer upper on the shoes to avoid irritation
  • Arch supports when indicated (flat feet)
  • Padding of the bunion to avoid irritation in shoe
  • Surgery if deformity is significant and unresponsive to conservative care


  • Careful shoe fit
  • Arch supports when indicated

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