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Bone Fractures In Children Children’s bone fractures are very common. While children’s bones have great capacity to heal, it is important to get specialized treatment for these fractures because different precautions and approaches need to be taken to treat bone fractures in children versus adults.

Growth Plate Bone Fractures in Children

unconditionally The growth plate is the part of the bone that is actively growing. Growth plate bone fractures in children range in severity. Growth plate fractures in children can lead to deformities such as short limb or crooked limb and arthritis. It is important to receive care from a pediatric orthopedic surgeon when these types of injuries occur to have the best possible treatment options and outcomes.

Children’s Overuse (Stress) Fractures

North Babylon Common sites for children’s stress fractures (usually from overuse/cumulative impact) are those of the femur (thigh bone), metatarsal (top of foot), tibia and lower spine. Specialized treatment is available through our pediatric orthopedic team.

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