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Ankle Sprains Definition: An ankle sprain is a traumatic twisting injury usually involving the outer (lateral) ligaments of the ankle. The severity of the injury can vary from merely stretching the ligaments to a severe tear.

Cause: Acute inversion of the ankle usually due to uneven terrain


  • Acute pain, swelling and often discoloration over the outer aspect of the ankle
  • Often the outer ankle bone is very sore
  • A feeling of weakness in the ankle and inability to bear full weight
  • Discoloration will often occur on other areas of the foot as well


  • Ice, elevation, rest, compression
  • Splinting of the ankle
  • Anti-inflammatory medication
  • Examination by your podiatrist or physician to rule out a possible fracture or complete tear of the ligaments
  • Crutches if necessary
  • Physical therapy to reduce pain and symptoms and to rehabilitate the ankle


  • Supportive boot
  • Exercises for both strength and flexibility of the ankle
  • If you are prone to ankle sprains, a supportive brace may be helpful

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